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Conservation areas - Sevenoaks Kippington and Oakhill Road

The Kippington Conservation Area was first designated in 1991 and enlarged to include much of Oakhill Road in 2006. It covers about 35 hectares on the west side of Sevenoaks. At its heart is Kippington House and the Kippington Meadow Recreation Ground.

Kippington House was once the focal point of a large estate, which stretched from Oak Lane in the south to London Road in the east. Kippington Road was the main drive to the house with lodge buildings at either end. The Conservation Area contains many important houses including Churchill Court and the South Lodge as well as some fine 20th Century country houses and St. Mary’s Church with the war memorial in front.

Beyond the boundaries of the Conservation Area development since the war has been steady and although most properties stand in sizeable plots, there has been a tendency to sub-divide these where possible to provide 'back land' development.

The Conservation Area includes some examples of this but in general the boundaries are drawn around only the older properties in the road and does not include newer development.

Now that Churchill Court is back in private ownership, the only non-residential building is the Church.

Kippington Road is a quiet, private thoroughfare. It is relatively uncluttered with no footpaths, standard kerbs or standard lamp posts. It has many mature trees and shrubs, particularly around Kippington House. Informality is the key even to the inconsistency in the shapes of the speed ramps. Very little is standard, the character is of its own making. The vegetation has had decades to mature and dominate the landscape. Here one finds the greatest variety of pleasant scenery, buildings and
spectacular topography. This is an environment where the pressures of change could cause the most damage.

It is a sought after residential area with high property values and the houses are well maintained. There is an active residents association who take a keen interest in any proposed development along the whole road and its smaller tributaries such as
Clenches Farm Road and Yeomans Meadow.

Oakhill Road meanders up a gentle rise from north to south. Like Kippington Road, it is a long road, although with fewer roadside trees. It is pleasantly undulating with interesting curves and good hedgerows. The feeling of enclosure is strong despite its extra width.

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