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Conservation areas - Sevenoaks, Granville and Eardley Road

The Granville Road and Eardley Road Conservation Area was first designated in 1989 and lies on the west side of Sevenoaks. It forms a triangle at whose apex is the station at Tubs Hill. It is bounded by the railway to the west, London Road and Tubs Hill to the east and runs up to South Park, Argyle Road and the District Council offices on the third side. It covers around 17 hectares and contains four listed buildings.

The area is primarily residential. The older properties are detached or semi-detached houses dating from the second half of the 19th Century when the first commuter belt expansion of the town took place. On the west side of Granville Road particularly
towards the northern end, a substantial number of the Victorian and Edwardian houses have been replaced with more modern counterparts while the larger detached properties in the south have had their gardens divided to provide infill building plots.

The area has an abundance of trees, some of which are protected by Tree Preservation Orders. The gardens often have hedged boundaries and many show an interesting display of planting and shrubs. The proximity of the houses gives an urban atmosphere, although the countryside of the North Downs can be seen from much of the Conservation Area.

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