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Conservation areas - Farningham

The Farningham Conservation Area was first designated in 1969 by Kent County Council and was the first area to be so designated in Sevenoaks District. The area was extended in 1990 after review by the District Council. Farningham Conservation Area was reviewed in 2023 and the boundaries amended and extended to include Cottage on the Hill on Sparepenny Lane as well as areas to the south of the Mill complex.

The conservation area covers 15 hectares and contains 46 listed buildings. It extends almost the full length of the High Street (stopping just short of the A225 junction) and includes the south west side of London Road, part of the west side of Sparepenny Lane, and part of Dartford Road.

North of the High Street, the Cricket Ground (off Horton Way), an open field between the Village Hall and the river, and land surrounding the Lion Hotel on the other side of the river are all included in (and contribute greatly to) the character of the conservation area.

South of the High Street, the large private gardens to the Manor House, Glebe House, The Croft and South Hall are also included.

A bee bole in the garden of No. 7 Dartford Road is a Scheduled Ancient Monument, but this lies just outside the conservation area. The area lies entirely within the Kent Downs National Landscape (a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty).

The Conservation Area Appraisal (CAA) is split into three documents: Introduction, Appraisal and Design Guidance.

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