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Conservation areas - Eynsford

Eynsford Conservation Area covers some 12.0 hectares and contains 36 Listed Buildings, the Listed remains of a castle and a Listed bridge. It was designated in April 1973. In 2023 the conservation area was reviewed and the boundaries amended and now includes Primrose Cottage, 12 Riverside. It includes the historic centre of the village including the Church of St Martin, the ford and associated buildings, together with Eynsford Castle, which is owned and managed by English Heritage. The area extends both sides of the river although the main concentration is on the south eastern bank.

Eynsford is a bustling village in an attractive and popular location. It has several pubs, a restaurant and small village shops and is well known and popular with tourists visiting Eynsford Castle and nearby Lullingstone Roman Villa and Lullingstone Castle. A further tourist attraction that encourages visitors to the village is the Eagle Heights Bird of Prey centre.

The main housing estates for the village have developed to the south east of the conservation area.

The countryside around the village is designated as Green Belt and Special Landscape Area, which extend into the boundaries of the conservation area to the north and east. The area also lies entirely within the Kent Downs National Landscape (a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty).

The Conservation Area Appraisal (CAA) is split into three documents: Introduction, Appraisal and Design Guidance.

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