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Conservation areas - Sevenoaks Weald

Sevenoaks Weald is a village centred on its Green, a loosely arranged grouping of buildings of various ages, styles and sizes, but forming a coherent whole. On the north side the Weald Community Primary School, erected in 1874 by the Sevenoaks School Board. To the west of the school and on the south side of the Green are cottages erected by Sevenoaks Tenants Ltd. c. 1909. Older cottages are positioned on the east side of the Green close to the Windmill PH. The windmill itself is long gone, but was located on the Green itself in the vicinity of the Methodist chapel.

The village has a church, St George’s (erected 1821 and extended in 1871), but this is some distance away to the north of the village centre and outside the area proposed for inclusion in the Conservation Area. It is however visible from The Green, with a backdrop of vegetation.

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