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Conservation areas - Chiddingstone

Chiddingstone is directly accessible from lanes that branch off the B2027 to the north, at Bough Beech and between Somerden and Chiddingstone Causeway. Access from the B2026 to the west and the B2188 to the east however is via several narrow lanes. The nearest main A roads are, to the east, the A21 from Tonbridge to the M25, the A26 from Tunbridge Wells to Tonbridge, and to the south the A264 from Tunbridge Wells to East Grinstead.

The nearest railway station is Penshurst station, approximately a mile and a half north east of Chiddingstone accessible via the B2027 just east of Chiddingstone Causeway.  The nearest towns are Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge, the former having greater shopping and entertainment facilities.

Amenities within the village include a primary school with recreational and sport facilities, an antique shop, a Post Office and a public house. The Post Office doubles as an arts and craft shop and work has been undertaken to the rear of the property to prepare for the sale of groceries.

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