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Licences and permits directory - Training animals for exhibition

If you or your business are keeping or training animals for exhibition, you will require a licence, which runs three years from the date of issue.

To apply, change or renew a licence, you must comply with the licence conditions and guidance.

View the legislation and licence conditions and guidance


Making an application

Apply to us if your business operates in the Sevenoaks District. If your business operates elsewhere, please to apply to your local council.

Please have the following information and documents to hand as they will need to be supplied as part of your application:

  • A plan of the premises - it does not need to be to scale, but it should include entrances and exits, fire exits, windows, toilets, food preparation areas and any areas dedicated to animals
  • Insurance policy - appropriate insurance must be in place
  • Operating procedures - these should include emergency evacuation plans and daily cleaning, feeding and exercise schedules
  • You must provide details about waste removal and confirmation of any waste contracts
  • Risk assessments, infectious control procedures and safeguarding procedures. These should include:
    • Fire risk assessments
    • Animal isolation processes
    • Dealing with unwell or infectious animals
    • Measures in place to ensure all staff, family and animals remain safe at all times
  • Qualifications – details and copies of any qualifications that are held by the applicant and their staff.



The application fee is £576, which is payable on application plus any vet fees.

The renewal fee is £537.


Download the application form in PDF format