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Licences and permits directory - Dangerous wild animal licence

No one may keep any dangerous wild animal listed in The Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 without first obtaining a licence from us.

A licence will not be issued if the applicant is disqualified from consideration or has a conviction under the Act.

Making an application

Apply to us if your business operates in the Sevenoaks District. If your business operates elsewhere, please to apply to your local council.

The application fee is £426, which is payable on application.

The renewal fee is £381.

You will be required to pay the cost of inspections carried out by our authorised veterinary surgeon or practitioner, and this would occur when the licence is applied for, and before renewal every two years.

The licence runs for two years, and must be renewed before the end of the two year period if the licence holder intends to continue keeping the animal(s) named on the licence.

Application form

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