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Listed Buildings

Buildings are 'listed' if they are of special historic and/or architectural merit by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport on behalf Central Government. They are advised by English Heritage who act as the advisor to the Government on all matters relating to built heritage.

Details of individual listings may be found on the English Heritage website.

If you wish to apply for a building to be added to the list, this should be done on the English Heritage website. Only on-line applications are accepted for consideration.

Sevenoaks District has over 2,000 listed buildings. These represent a finite resource and an irreplaceable asset. Therefore their protection, proper repair and sensitive alteration is of great importance.

Buildings are listed in their entirety and there is no such thing as just a listed façade or interior. In addition, any object or structure attached to the building, for example a wrought iron lamp or a plaque, is treated as part of the building.

Listed Buildings are divided into three categories:

  • Grade I are those of exceptional interest, for example Knole House and Hever Castle
  • Grade II* are particularly important buildings, for example The Almshouses in Sevenoaks High Street and many of the churches in the District
  • Grade II are of special interest warranting every effort to preserve them

Buildings and structures within the curtilage of a listed building which were in situ on 1 July 1948 may be covered by the listing, although not mentioned in the listing description. For clarification please contact us a planning.preapplication.advice@sevenoaks.gov.uk.