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  • Air quality

    We regularly monitor air quality in the District and when pollution exceeds the Government’s targets, we introduce Air Quality Management Areas to help address the problem

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    Air quality alerts

    Free Air Alert Service for Sevenoaks District residents who suffers from a respiratory conditions

  • Contaminated land

    Our policy is to ensure that contaminated land is dealt with through planning controls and relevant environmental protection legislation

  • Light pollution

    How to resolve and report problems associated with light nuisance

  • Nuisance and noise

    Advice on report noise and other nuisances and how to be a considerate neighbour

  • Smoke Control Areas

    Find out how smoke control areas and the Clean Air Acts affect Sevenoaks District

  • Smoky vehicles

    You can report smoky vehicles to the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) for investigation and action