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Request help

Please complete our request form below if you would like help with:

  • Collecting food shopping
  • Collecting your medical prescription
  • Walking your dog
  • Someone to talk to
  • Anything else that you need help with

If your request for help includes the collection of a medical prescription, your request for help will be forwarded to the NHS Volunteeer Responders service. In all other instances, we will pass your request to the ‘Care for our community – Sevenoaks District’ volunteer service.

Please note, if you are running out of food and are struggling to purchase essentials, you can call us on 01732 227000 to request and emergency food delivery.

Request help form

Alternatively, you can request help by calling us on 01732 227000.

We advise you to take the following sensible precautions to help keep you and your volunteer safe:

  • All volunteers are under strict instructions to maintain two metre social distancing whilst supporting your request. To protect the volunteer and yourself we regret it is not possible for volunteers to enter your property for any reason.
  • ‘Care for our community – Sevenoaks District’ volunteers carry an identification badge with a unique identity number and our logo. If you want to check that a volunteer is genuine, please call us on 01732 227000 and quote the unique badge number.
  • NHS Volunteer Responders are expected to call you before they undertake their duties. They are also expected to carry photo-ID with them so you can check the person you have spoken to is the person that has arrived to support your needs. If you have any questions or concerns about your NHS Volunteer Responder, please call 0808 196 3382 (open everyday 9am to 6pm).
  • Do not give your bank card and/or pin number to anybody.
  • Agree the method of paying for shopping/prescriptions in advance of your volunteer supporting your request.
  • If you suspect that you, or someone you know, is being targeted by a criminal, contact Action Fraud or call 03001 232 040.

We will record and share your data with volunteer schemes in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and our Privacy Notice and General Data Protection policy.

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