New Ash Green’s unruly dog owner brought to justice. | Sevenoaks District Council

New Ash Green’s unruly dog owner brought to justice.

Published: Tuesday, 19th February 2019

A resident of Ridley near New Ash Green has been fined by Sevenoaks Magistrate's Court after being convicted of four offences, breaching a Community Protection Notice.

Ms. Louise Burton-Taylor, 54, of Idleigh Court Farm was convicted on Friday 15 February 2019 at Sevenoaks Magistrates’ Court. Sevenoaks District Council successfully proved on four occasions, three dogs belonging to Ms Burton-Taylor strayed into New Ash Green during the night and attacked domestic cats within the area.

There have been sporadic complaints of dogs from Idleigh Court Stables since 2015. In July 2017, enough evidence was provided to service a Community Protection Notice on Ms. Burton-Taylor meaning she must not allow the dogs to stray during the night. Initially, this notice appeared effective but in May and June 2018 a series of further incidents occurred. Officers conducted a number of visits to Ms. Burton-Taylor at her property but she failed to engage with the Animal Control Officer.

The success of this prosecution was down to the accounts of local residents. A number of people from New Ash Green provided witness statements detailing attacks they had observed. In addition, CCTV evidence was provided by residents showing the dogs out straying.

Ms Burton Taylor has been fined £730 which includes £350 District Council costs and £30 victim surcharge. The three dogs have been subject to a forfeiture order by the Court, meaning the dogs will now be rehoused by the District’s charity partners.

Sevenoaks District Council Portfolio Holder for Direct Services, Cllr Matthew Dickins, said: “We all know dog ownership brings with it responsibilities. Sadly Ms. Burton-Taylor failed in exercising those responsibilities, leading to her successful prosecution. The message is clear: Ms. Burton-Taylor’s actions were unacceptable and Sevenoaks District Council will not tolerate behaviour which puts at risk the wellbeing of either animals or our community.”

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