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Swanley man fined £2,530 for fly-tipping

Published: Wednesday, 12th January 2022

Sevenoaks District Council has prosecuted a Swanley man for four fly tipping offences.

Thirty-seven year old Shane Anthony Walker of Northview, Swanley pleaded guilty to fly-tipping crimes at Sevenoaks Magistrates’ Court on 5 January 2022 where he was ordered to pay £2,530 in fines and costs.

Mr Walker was brought to justice following investigations by Sevenoaks District Council’s Environmental Enforcement Team.

The first offence took place on 3 November 2020. A Kent County Council (KCC) Officer spotted a vehicle tipping waste on South Ash Road near West Kingsdown. The quick thinking Council worker made a note of the vehicle registration, took photos of the waste and then reported the incident to Sevenoaks District Council. The Council’s Environmental Enforcement Team established that Mr Walker had hired the vehicle at the time of the incident.

The second offence took place on or before 9 November 2020 when a large quantity of household waste was dumped in Crockenhill Lane. This time, the Council’s Environmental Enforcement Team found paperwork that was traced to a business who had paid Mr Walker to dispose of their waste.

The third incident took place on 27 March 2021 when Mr Walker fly tipped household and builders’ waste on Chelsfield Lane. Mr Walker was recorded on CCTV thanks to a camera installed by KCC in response to fly tipping in the area.

The final incident also took place on 27 March 2021 at the corner of Rabbits Road and Canada Farm Road in South Darenth. Two eagle-eyed residents spotted a slow moving van with a man walking behind who was pulling waste out of the vehicle and on to the road. They took photos of the van from a distance then called a friend who made a note of the vehicle registration as it drove by. Paperwork in the tip was also traced to builders who had paid Mr Walker to dispose of their waste.

Mr Walker, who advertised his waste clearance services on Facebook, was interviewed by the Council’s Environmental Enforcement Team on 15 June 2021. Faced with the compelling evidence, he admitted to all the offences.

In court, Mr Walker was fined £1,680 for the fly tipping offences. He was also ordered to pay £250 towards Sevenoaks District Council’s costs and £450 to Kent County Council and £150 to a local landowner for their waste removal costs.

Sevenoaks District Council’s Cabinet Member for Cleaner & Greener, Cllr Margot McArthur, says: “Thanks to the diligent work of our Environmental Enforcement Team, we have stopped a prolific fly tipper in his tracks.

“I want to thank Kent County Council and local people who provided us with crucial information to help take these offences to court.

“Our residents will not tolerate fly-tipping and nor will we. When we have evidence, we will always take action against fly tippers who attempt to blight our District.”

Kent County Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, Susan Carey, adds: ‘Fly-tipping is an inexcusable offence and I am pleased Kent County Council was able to help in securing this conviction.”

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