BT phone box adoption notice - Brasted

K6 Telephone Kiosk On The Green, High Street, Brasted – Reference 18/01422/CAN

Public Consultation – first stage

We are carrying out this consultation after British Telecommunications Plc informed us of the interest from Brasted Parish Council to take ownership of the telephone kiosk at the above location.

View details of the adoption notice

The consultation process has two stages and this consultation is the first stage.

Following this initial consultation, we will issue a First (Draft) Notification and will conduct a further one-month consultation informed by the draft decision, on which further views will be sought. We will then make the final decision.

The First (Draft) and Final Notifications will be published on this webpage.

It is our responsibility, as your Council, to get your views, as our local residents, and to consider these before we respond to British Telecommunications Plc. 

You can view the application online  or at the Council Offices, Argyle Road, Sevenoaks.

If you would like to comment on the proposal, please do so online (details as above) or in writing quoting the 18/01422/CAN, your name and full address.

The deadline for comments is 7 June 2018. All comments we receive will be placed on the planning file which is available for public inspection. Your name and address will be published with your comment however, personal telephone numbers, email addresses and signatures will not be published on our website.

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