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13 November 2019

During the election period, the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) will  not be issuing letters regarding the soundness or legal compliance of Local Plans. Find out more about PINS casework during the pre-election period.

The Council has received letters from representors in relation to the examination. The Inspector has confirmed she is not accepting documents which address the correspondence between the Inspector and Council following the hearing sessions. As the inspector is not accepting any comments on this correspondence, the documents will not become Examination documents. View these representor letters.


31 October 2019

The Inspector has written to the Council setting out more fully her concerns in relation to Duty to Co-operate. This letter can be viewed at ED40 in the Examination Documents. View the Council's response in letter ED41

The Inspector’s initial letter following the Stage 1 hearing  sessions can be viewed at ED37 in the Examination Documents.

21 October 2019 

Following the first two weeks of the hearing sessions the Inspector has written to the Council and the hearing sessions scheduled for Weeks 3 and 4 have been cancelled.  

The Inspector’s letter can be viewed at ED37 in the Examination Documents. View the Council's response in letter ED38 and ED38A Addendum to Duty to Co-operate Statement.

11 October 2019

During the Stage 1 hearing sessions the Inspector asked the Council to produce a note concerning deficiencies in infrastructure. This has now been submitted and can be viewed at ED36 in the Examination Documents. 


1 October 2019

The Council have submitted four documents concerning the Housing Supply and Trajectory. These can be viewed in the Examination Documents  at ED23-ED26


23 September

The Agendas for Week 2 of the hearing sessions are now available together with an updated Draft Programme with Possible Participants V4.1 23.9.19 on the hearing sessions page. 


19 September

A Statement of Common Ground between Sevenoaks District Council and Kent County Council on Minerals and waste has been submitted to the examination and can be viewed in the Examination documents at ED17


13 September

An updated Draft Hearing Programme with Possible Participants (v.2 12.9.19) is now available and can be viewed on the hearing sessions page.


9 September 2019

The hearing position statements for the Weak 1 and Week 2 of the hearing sessions are being uploaded and as the links to the statements for each Issue are completed those statements will go live.  The statements can be accessed via the Hearing Statements page.  

Listed below are  documents recently submitted by the Council which relate to their hearing statements:-

ED12  5 year supply of deliverable housing sites Addendum 

ED13  Sevenoaks Local Plan Housing Trajectory

ED14  Sevenoaks Housing and Mixed Sites Delivery Schedule

ED15  Schedule of Amendments - Addendum 2

ED16  Sevenoaks DC legal compliance Checklist


21 August 2019

An updated Outline of Hearing Sessions and the first Draft of the Hearings with Participants have been posted on the Hearing Sessions page. 


5 August 2019

The hearing sessions of the Examination of the Sevenoaks District Local Plan have now been arranged.


8 July 2019

We have submitted the Site Position Statement in response to the Inspector’s Q14 in her initial questions to us. Our response can be viewed in Examination Document ED4 and Examination Document ED4A

We have also submitted additional information in response to the Inspector’s Question 5 and this can be viewed in the Examination Document ED5


2 July 2019

We replied to the Inspector’s initial questions (ED2) and our responses can be viewed in the examination documents references  ED3, ED3A and ED3B

14 June 2019

The Inspector has issued her initial questions to the Council with a response date of 28 June. View the list of questions.

20 May 2019

Karen Baker (DipTP MA DipMP MRTPI) has been appointed by the Secretary of State as the Planning Inspector for our Local Plan examination.

Full details can be viewed in the Appointment of Inspector letter.

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