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Draft Local Plan consultation

'Exceptional Circumstances' sites

A number of promoters have put forward greenfield sites in the Green Belt that look to demonstrate 'Exceptional circumstances'. There is no formal definition of 'Exceptional circumstances' in national planning policy. Therefore, we have defined it as greenfield Green Belt sites which provide social and community infrastructure benefits that addresses genuine needs in the area.

We are consulting on a number of 'exceptional circumstances' proposals, which will need to be tested before a final decision is made before including them in the final Local Plan. The Draft Local Plan highlights the social and community infrastructure being proposed.

You can view the additional information provided by each promoter using the buttons below:

Sevenoaks Quarry (MX43)

Land to West of Chevening Road, Chipstead (MX49)

Land East of London Road, Dunton Green (MX50)

Land between Beechenlea Lane and Highlands Hill (MX54a/b)

Pedham Place, Swanley/Farningham/Eynsford (MX48)

Land South and East of Four Elms Road, Edenbridge (MX25/MX26)

Land at Crouch House Road, Edenbridge (MX51)

Land at Breezehurst Farm, Edenbridge (MX10)

Land West of Romani Way, Edenbridge (MX44)

Which Way Westerham (HO371/HO372/HO373/HO374)

Corinthians and Banckside, Fawkham/Hartley (MX52/MX53)

Broke Hill Golf Course, Halstead/Pratts Bottom (MX41)

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