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Introduction to the new Local Plan

We are in the process of preparing a new Local Plan for the District.

The new Local Plan will be clear that the Green Belt will continue to be protected.

In order to do so, new housing will need to be accommodated, at higher densities, within existing settlement boundaries (or under the existing rural exceptions sites policy) other than in the following cases:

  • Where the development will result in the sustainable re-use of brownfield land in the Green Belt 
  • Where a convincing 'exceptional circumstances' case can be made in accordance with national policy

The new Local Plan will provide the overarching principles that will shape the development of the District. The policies within the Plan will promote sustainable development that will meet the needs of current and future generations. The evidence base will provide local information and data which will assist in the production of a robust and up-to-date Plan. 

If you would like to be kept informed about progress on the Local Plan including future consultations, please register on the mailing list.

The timetable for the production of the Plan is:

  • Pre-submission Publication – Winter 2018
  • Submission – Spring 2019
  • Adoption – Autumn 2019 

The following documents have informed the production of the Local Plan:

A Sustainability Appraisal / Strategic Environmental Assessment (SA/SEA) has been prepared concurrently with the Local Plan.

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