Local Employees Survey

Can the people who run our local services afford to live and work in the Sevenoaks District?

The Sevenoaks District is the most expensive place to live in the whole of Kent. With house prices of more than 13 times average incomes, we are comparable to the London housing market.

What does this mean for the people who run our local services, particularly young, recently qualified people who would like to come and work and live in the District?

Are certain essential services, such as teaching and the emergency services, particularly affected? How can day to day services, such as retail, hair salons and care homes attract local staff, avoiding the need for long commutes from more affordable parts of Kent? In snowy weather, do some local services have to shut, simply because employees live too far away to get to work? What if a local nurse has saved hard and bought a one bedroom flat but now wants to move to a bigger home in order to start a family?

Sevenoaks District Council has commissioned a survey of local employers and employees to understand how the cost of housing is affecting businesses in the recruitment and retention of staff.

As well as people who currently work and live in the Sevenoaks District and local businesses, we are also keen to hear from working age people who have moved away from the District and are keen to return to work and live here.

Please complete our local employee survey. The deadline to complete the survey is 5pm on Friday 27 October 2017.

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