Dangerous structures and public safety | Dangerous structures and public safety | Sevenoaks District Council

Dangerous structures and public safety

Buildings may become dangerous due to a variety of causes including general decay, storm damage, fire, vehicle impact or structural failure.

If you think a building or structure is in a condition that poses a risk to public, please call us on 01732 227000 if you live in the Sevenoaks District or 01732 844522 if you live in Tonbridge and Malling.

One of the Building Control Surveyors will visit the site. If the structure is considered to be immediately dangerous then either:

  1. The owner would be contacted requesting that the danger be removed within an agreed time frame, or
  2. Immediate emergency action to remove the danger would be carried out.

We can recover reasonable costs that are incurred from the owner if we carry out emergency works.

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