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Climate change - Net zero carbon Council

Climate change, due to carbon gas emissions, is one of the biggest environmental concerns of our time. We know it is happening and the effects could be devastating for people and wildlife.

The effects of climate change are far reaching. In Kent this means hotter and drier summers and warmer and wetter winters. There will be increased frequency and severity of storms resulting in additional flooding. The changing climate will also have an impact on people's health and wellbeing and biodiversity and wildlife, causing the natural environment to be under increased pressure.

We have already done some work to reduce our carbon footprint. We have moved away from landfill, replaced some diesel vehicles with electric, installed electric charging points in some of our car parks and introduced planning standards so new homes have a minimal impact on the environment.

But we must do more.

Our commitment to Net Zero 2030

We have committed to achieving net zero carbon by 2030. This means that we have pledged to reach net zero carbon emissions produced by the Council and our assets by 2030.

View our 2020/21 Net Zero report and 2020/21 Net Zero proposed actions.

Our proposed actions for 2021/22  include:

  • Improving energy and water efficiency measures in our buildings
  • Engaging with the community providing support and encouragement
  • Supporting and promoting green travel
  • Making the best use of green spaces
  • Engaging with landowners, businesses and our partners
  • Reporting our carbon emissions and measures to reduce these emissions
  • Delivering our plans and strategies to align with our commitment to reaching net zero by 2030
  • Encouraging and supporting sustainable new buildings and renewable energy generation

See our 2021/22 proposals in full.

The Low Emission and Electric Vehicle Strategy sets out our position and ambitions for the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the District and in vehicle fleet. This strategy will assist us towards achieving green travel as set out in our Net Zero 2030 actions.

What we have done so far…

We have already started in our journey to reaching net zero carbon. View our most recent update.

It is clear that all organisations and individuals have a role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the environment for ourselves, nature and our surroundings. We will act as a community lead to encourage and support Town and Parish Councils, businesses, organisations and individuals in the District to meet the challenges we face from climate change.

How you can make a difference….

There’s lots we as individuals can do to tackle climate change, be it reducing your energy usage, using greener forms of transport and reducing waste.

For more information visit the Imperial College website nine things you can do about climate change.

There are tools online to check your own individual carbon footprint and you can also see how your Parish compares to the rest of the UK with this handy Community Carbon Calculator.


View our Carbon Emissions Reports

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