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Climate change - Net zero carbon Council

Climate change, due to carbon gas emissions, is one of the biggest environmental concerns of our time. We know it is happening and the effects could be devastating for people and wildlife.

In response, have committed to working towards going Net Zero carbon 2030.

We have already done some work to reduce our carbon footprint. We have moved away from landfill, replaced some diesel vehicles with electric, installed electric charging points in some of our car parks and introduced planning standards so new homes have a minimal impact on the environment.

But we know we need to do more.

View our details of our ambitions to move toward Net Zero carbon 2030.

Net zero report to Council

Net zero recommendations

Update to our Cleaner and Greener Advisory Committee (13 October 2020) 

How you can make a difference….

There’s lots we as individuals can do to tackle climate change be it eating less meat, using greener forms of transport and reducing waste.

For more information visit the Imperial College website nine things you can do about climate change.

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