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Alder Way, Swanley

We are proposing to build 18 new homes with parking and a new playground on land in Alder Way, Swanley and we are currently considering a planning application for development.

There will be a mix of homes to help meet local needs: seven will be 3-bedroom family homes and eleven will be 2-bedroom homes. The other home will be a three-bedroom fully wheelchair accessible property.

A total of 36 parking spaces will be provided.

The materials used will be in keeping with the existing surroundings.

We will retain the existing Public Right of Way and the site will be landscaped to enhance the area.

A new playground, for two to 12 year olds, will be built on the site opposite as part of the development. The playground will also include new landscaping.


Have your say on the proposals

You can view details of the application and have your say on our PublicAccess website.

Comment on the planning application

Once on our PublicAccess website, click on the 'Documents' tab to view the plans - there are a lot of documents here, but the 'Design and access statement' provide an overview of the proposal.

Click on the 'Comments' tab to comment on the proposals.

The deadline to comment is Friday 12 June 2020.

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