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Revised waste, recycling and garden waste collection rounds

Weeky waste and recycling collections

From Monday 5 September 2022, we will introduce new waste and recycling collection rounds.

This means you may have a new collection day. However, nothing else is changing: 

  • We’ll continue to collect your waste every week
  • We’ll still collect your recycling in clear sacks and waste in black sacks
  • Your black sack waste will continue be used as fuel to generate electricity. This means less than 1% of your waste goes to landfill.

The new rounds will improve the efficiency of the service, saving fuel and helping us become a Net Zero Carbon Council.

We will send you a postcard in August with details of your waste and recycling collection day.

If you have a new collection day or it remains the same, please put your sacks out at 7am. This is because our crews could arrive earlier than you are used to.

Garden waste collections

Our fortnightly garden waste collection days are changing too. From 5 September, these collections will take place on the same day as your waste collection day.

We will also write to our garden waste permit holders to tell them about their collection day.

Food waste

We do not collect food waste. Research shows our residents put as much food in with their waste as residents in areas with a food waste collection service.

Instead we offer discounted compost bins and food digesters so you can recycle your uncooked and cooked food at home.

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