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On street resident parking permits

We provide residents parking permits in certain areas in the District. In some cases only part of the road may be included in the scheme. If it is unclear whether the permit scheme applies to where you live, we advise that you first contact the Parking team (01732 227000) to check whether an application will be accepted.

On-street resident parking permits are set at the same price rates across the District.

We make a charge for residents' parking permits for a number of reasons:

  • Permit parking areas receive more regular enforcement visits and take longer to enforce
  • Permit parking areas are costly to set up and require more maintenance of signs and road markings
  • There are additional costs with the administration and issuing of permits.

These costs are outside that which can be funded from normal Council Tax contributions.

Permits are provided on a sliding scale of charges. This means that those who park more cars on the road, and have a bigger impact on the parking issues in the area, will pay more for their permits. Those with no off-street parking and only one vehicle are able to park at a much lower rate.

The increasing scale of charges also encourage residents to make better use of their off-street parking facilities, rather than choosing to park on-street and leave the driveway or garage empty.

View a table of our on-street residents' parking permit prices.

We offer non-resident permits in certain roads in the vicinity of Sevenoaks rail station and in the vicinity of Sevenoaks town centre. Details of the costs are contained in the application form below. These are provided on a limited basis as they are subject to available road space. Should you be interested in obtaining a non-resident permit, we would advise you to contact the Parking team (01732 227000) to check availability before completing an application form.

Download our parking permit application forms:

Residents' on-street parking permit
Non-residents' on-street parking permit

Disabled drivers who are resident in a permit parking area can get a parking permit at no cost, and this does not count towards their total number of permits in recognition that their vehicle may be essential for their mobility requirements.

In recognition of the environmental impact of vehicles, and in an effort to tackle climate change, we make no charge for permits certain categories of green vehicle:

  • Electric
  • Petrol/electric hybrid
  • Dual-fuel (petrol & LPG)
  • Hydrogen fuel cell