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Report it

You can report problems, make a complaint or suggestion or notify us by selecting the links below:

Abandoned vehicles

Report an untaxed or abandoned vehicle or check if a vehicle is taxed or declared SORN


How to make a complaint about our services

Compliments and suggestion form

Let us know if we're doing something well or if we could do things better

Dangerous structures

Report a dangerous structure to our Building Control Team

Dogs - lost, stolen or strays

Report a lost or stolen dog or a stray you've picked up

Fly tipping

Report incidents of fly tipping on our land and on the highway and the people behind fly tipping


Graffiti reporting and removal services

Health and safety at work complaint

Report a health and safety at work concern

Light pollution

How to resolve and report problems associated with light nuisance

Planning breach

Report developments and works without planning permission

Road, highway and pavement problems

Report problems with street lights, pot holes and other highway matters to Kent County Council

Smokey vehicles

You can report smoky vehicles to the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) for investigation and action